All Time Best Eleven

                                                                From 1995 to 2005 over 125 players have put on the SSF Shooters Jersey.
                                                                Coach Mike Pizzo has had the priviledge of coaching many talented young
                                                                ladies during his seasons with the team. Listed below is his All Time
                                                               Starting XI, with a little information about each of them. With so many great 
                                                                players it was a difficult task, so Honorable Mentions are listed at each position.
Katie RICHTER  ( GK )  1995-2003                                                                                          GOLDEN GATE WOMENS SOCCER LEAGUE
During her 8 seasons with the team, Katie was the glue that held  
the defense together with fearless and extraordinary play in goal.                         SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO SHOOTERS
During the teams Divisional Championship seasons, she was                                             1995 - 2005
unbeatable, and made unbelieveable saves to keep her team on top.                                   ALL TIME STARTING XI               
She played through injuries and totaled 25 career shutouts.                                  
Honorable Mention:   
Laura Rinde 2003-05,  Rachel Hoffman 2002-03                                  
Stacey PIZZO  ( DF )  1995-2004                                     Pizzo            Chapman
The heart & soul of the team, the enforcer on defense. "C" took on                               
every challenge, and her leadership in the backline made SSF                    Rinde                                                  Hipon                  
difficult to score on, and her skills and pinpoint passes started the  
counter attack. She had to match up with bigger opponents but                                    Esposto              Alpine
Stacey won the battles, wearing a uniform often soiled with dirt &  
blood stains. Gave 100% in every match, with hustle and dedication.                    Acosta                                               Arasato
Honorable Mention:    
Ida Gemignani 2002-05,  Anne Nishimoto 2002-05                                    Aguayo             Dodson
Jen CHAPMAN  ( DF )  1998-2002  Amy ESPOSTO  ( MF )  1995-05 
This player was a "gamer" as she was dominate in the defense. Classy, dangerous, smart, confident, lethal, consistent....just some
Often running down the opposing attackers, taking possesion of of the words to describe this amazing player. She could control the
the ball and shutting down opportunities. She was a hard nosed, pace of the game, set up teammates or score the big goal when
leader, never giving up, and playing all out until the final whistle. needed. The teams all time leading scorer, deadly on all set pieces
A solid performer who was respected throughout the GGWSL One of the most all around talents to ever wear the Shooters jersey
Honorable Mention: Honorable Mention: 
Jenny Sagstrom 2001-05,  Jenn Cassell 1999-02 Kelli Dragovich 2002-05,  Katie Deatherage 2001-05
Heather HIPON  ( DF )  1995-2005  Dayna ALPINE  ( MF )  2001-2005
The little engine that could....despite being one of the smaller A hard working talented skillful player, who could play any postion. 
defenders on the team, she was hard to beat, and getting around Called upon many times to play defense because of her work
her was no easy task. Consistently made big plays to get the team ethic and knowledge of the game, yet she was a brilliant midfield 
out of trouble and she was a rock on the outside back position. Was player who often served a great ball to teammates making a run
clever on the ball, and always made good decisions. Big time player at goal. A creative solid player who always put "team"... first 
Honorable Mention:   Honorable Mention: 
Kim Suekawa 2002-05,  Holly Rekow 1995-99, 03-04 Emily Marzak 2003-05, Gina Grasso 1997-98
Elisa RINDE  ( DF )  1997-2005  Esther AGUAYO  ( F )  1998-2005 
The "terminator" on defense, who took on all comers. Played hard, The most skilled player the Shooters ever had. Could score with
physical, and relentless. Won every ball in the air, and made either foot, serve a perfect ball to teammates, and find the upper
game saving tackles often stripping the ball away from forwards.

corner of the net with a free kick. Often left players in her wake,

"E" always lead by example and played the game the way it was              admiring her ability to cover so much ground with ease. When      
meant to be played, giving 100 percent and working hard all over needed, she would come back behind the ball and support the 
the pitch trying to win every ball. Her efforts provided many victories            defense. A talent combined with desire & passion describes her.
Honorable Mention:  Honorable Mention: 
Anastasia Giovannoni 1995-99, Anna Hochberg 2000-02, 03-04 Amy Stanton 1995-98,  Laksmi Abraham 1997-98,  
Stacy ARASATO  ( MF )  1999-2005  Melanie DODSON  ( F )  2001-2004 
A clutch performer who always came up with a big assist or a huge A pure goal scorer, a consistent finisher with the speed of a bolt
goal when needed. A player who could keep possesion and set up of lightning. Made the game seem effortless, and fun at the same  
her teammates. Helped out on defense, and made the offense time. A positive voice on the pitch always supportive of her team, 
dangerous with her runs up the wing, and a deadly shot from most she was the go to player when a goal was needed, and she never 
anywhere on the pitch. One of the most consistent players ever on disappointed. Lead the entire league in scoring in 03'. The smile on  
the team. Her midfield play was often a catalyst to Shooters wins. her face told you something good was about to happen, and it did. 
Honorable Mention:   Honorable Mention: 
Nancy Canales 1997-04, Stephanie Chetcuti 1995-98 Amber Johnson 1999-00, 01-02,  Lily Battistoni 1998-99 
Stephanie ACOSTA  ( MF )  1998-2000  
A very smart player who could carry a team on her back. Able to               
play multiple positions. Very talented on the ball, and often left players  
standing as she smoothly went past them and created chances on  
net. A solid goal scorer with the ability to strike from anywhere.   
Honorable Mention:   
Bianca Sanchez 1995-97, 99-00,  Mariana Tandy 1996-98