Rico Vending Company

SSFAC is fortunate to again have Rico Vending Company, a family owned business in San Bruno as one of its sponsors for the 2011-12 PSL Season.  Rico Vending has been a proud supporter of SSFAC for numerous years, and the team is honored to wear their name on the teams jerseys for yet another seasonClick Here for Background Story


     R   V         RICO VENDING COMPANY   
                            San Bruno CA                   

 Owner Joaquin Rodriguez's involvement in the game of soccer goes back to his own playing days when he began playing at the age of 14. Joaquin played Jr. High, High School & College ball, and then continued on as a member of Club Teams, San Francisco AC, Mexico, El Salvador, and the Maltese Club - SF ( Saint Paul of the Shipwreck ). Joaquin also played in the Over 40 year old league in Foster City. Joaquin has also been heavily involved in youth soccer in San Bruno. He started as an AYSO Coach in 1976 to the present time, and has also be involved with the Cultural Exchange Program in San Bruno from 1981 to the present time, with teams having traveled to Germany, Canada, Mexico and Australia. The Rodriguez family have housed and hosted numerous teams throughout the years as Joaquin has served as a coach, assistant coach, and team manager, as well as serving in different capacities for the program. He was the Cultural Exchange co-ordinator for AYSO Region 249 and also a Board Member.

" I am an instructor type coach for the betterment of the players. If a player is willing to learn, I am always ready to teach. It doesn't matter what your skill level is when you begin, it's how much a player can develop over time and I always strive to get the best from each and everyone."

It is easy to see why the Rodriguez family has been, and will continue to be such respected and valued members of their community. They have touched so many lives, and their kindness, generosity, warmth, and dedication to not only the young players in the area, but to everyone they come in contact with, speaks volumes about them. South San Francisco A.C. is so thankful for their support.