THANK YOU & FAREWELL!!! Now, Carry On Boys...

It was the summer of 1984, and SSFAC's founder and original Coach Alvaro Bettucchi was retiring from coaching the team. He turned things over to Mike Pizzo who brought with him a group of young players he had coached in AYSO in South San Francisco. They trained that summer at Orange Park and got themselves ready for the coming Peninsula Soccer League season, which was just a few short weeks away. Then on a warm September Sunday, they took the field for the first time together. The team lost that first game by a count of 4-1 to San Mateo International, but it began a remarkable run of entertaining and exciting soccer, played by so many amazing and talented young men that has now reached it's final "kick" with Coach Mike at the helm, as he steps away from his coaching duties after 34 years.

Over his 34 seasons as Coach, Mike has been on the sidelines for over 560 PSL games and numerous Cup matches as well. In 1989, the team faced the San Francisco Bay Blackhawks of the WSL in a special exhibition match at SSF High School drawing close to 1,000 fans. Coach was fortunate to have over 400 different players wear the SSF jersey during his time and he was witness to some exciting  games as the team played at numerous home field venues including Orange Memorial Park, Alta Loma Park, Terra Bay Park and it's current home at El Camino High School.

SSFAC Through The Years......the current team joined by players from previous seasons.

The team had some memorable games that can be reviewed on the "Previous Seasons" tab on the home page of the web site. There were some late winners in stoppage time, and a Cup win in overtime, but there were also some tough losses that were just as memorable. Through it all, the only thing that really mattered to Coach Mike was that his team represented the City of South San Francisco in a positive way and that the team was respected no matter where they took the field to play.

That mission was accomplished as every young man who wore the SSF shirt, did so with class. These fine players exhibited class, respected their opponents and officials, and were perfect role models for the youth of the Peninsula. If you asked Coach Mike what was the teams best moment, he would tell you it was the unity, work ethic, passion, and incredible chemistry each and every team had over the years.

For Coach Mike, it was a privilege to watch these young talented players every week,.... to be with them, enjoy their company, laugh with them and stand with them through the wins and losses. Who would have thought that the game of soccer on a Sunday in September of 1984 would take him all the way to a spring day in 2018.  It was a wonderful journey, and one he will never forget. 

THANK YOU SSFAC,  Proud of what you have become !!!!! 

Head Coach Scott Ellis with Coach Mike Patrolling the Sidelines 

South San Francisco A.C. will carry on into the 2018-19 Season, it's 65th season overall, with Head Coach and former defensive stand out for the team, Scott Ellis. Coach Scott will be assisted by current midfielder and captain, Gareth Lea. Coach Ellis becomes only the 3rd Head Coach South City has had during this incredible 65 year run, and the team is one of the oldest and quite possibly the longest playing adult men's team on the San Francisco Peninsula.

Coach Mike will continue as an administrative assistant for the club on an as needed basis.