Brendan Cadam

Player info
First Name: 
Last Name: 
At the club since:: 
Home Town: 
San Francisco
Birth Date: 
Wed, 1984-12-26
Last Team: 

Brendan has been a terrific addition to the club this season and brings a wide range of talent. A solid midfielder / forward and a proven goal scorer. He has great vision on the pitch and will add quite a bit to the South City attack

Personal Info
My Favorite Pro Team: 
Manchester United
My Favorite Sport (other than soccer): 
Trick Question !!
The dessert I'd never skip: 
Grandma's pie
My Best Sports Memory: 
<p>Winning the High School Championship</p>
My Favorite Dish: 
Roasted Lemon Chicken and Rice
My Hobbies / Things I like to do: 
Working on my truck, my house and gardening
3 people I'd like to meet: 
Jesus, Buddha and Socrates
The place I want to visit: 
A Warm Tropical Beach
Music I listen to: 
Most everything, instrumentals lately
TV Shows I can't miss: 
Rick & Morty