Since 1984, over 350 players have worn the SSFAC jersey. During those 30 years, Coach Mike Pizzo has had the privilege of coaching many talented young men while with the team. Listed below is his All Time Best XI, with a little information about each player. Also shown is the Second Team and Honorable Mentions at each position.                                                                                                                                                        

                                Peninsula Soccer League 1984-2021
                                      South San Francisco A.C.
                                         Best XI - Starters


Danny GALLEGOS ( DF ) 1984-99                  
One of the most feared defenders in the PSL. His ability to
strip the ball away from an opponent and start a counter 
attack, led to scoring chances."The Rock" of the back line
Dan's play was dominating, eventually becoming a playing
assistant coach with the team. He was every years MVP
Pat SALDANHA ( DF ) 1984-95                         
Consistent steady performer at the outside back. Opposing
forwards had a difficult time trying to get around and past
this imposing defender. His ball handling under pressure
made him a reliable confident presence on defense. His
creativity led to a solid transition game for the team.
Roberto ALVARADO ( MF ) 1992-99, 2001-02
Classy, creative, a magical player on the pitch.An artist
painting a canvas as he moved freely across the field.
He could strike from anywhere. His free kicks were deadly
usually leading to the keeper retrieving the ball from the
back of the net. Great vision, the master of his craft
Birger NESTEBY ( MF ) 1994-97 98-99
The "Hot" Norwegian, one of the most talented players to 
play for SSF. He was at a different level & could see the 
game quicker than most. Always came up with a big goal 
when needed. He was "Mr Clutch".Never missed a PK. A
great teammate. God took him far to early, we miss him !!
Danny MARCUCCI ( F ) 1984-95, 98-99
SSFAC's all time leading goal scorer, and its heart & soul.
"Cuch" was a force near the goal & often carried the team 
on his back as its only scoring threat. He'd beat you with 
speed or lull you to sleep & strike like a cat.A deadly shot 
and tough to body off the ball,he intimidated all opponents.
Daniele CAPOFERRI ( GK ) 2001-09
In his 8 seasons with the team, "Capo" was the reason
for the teams success as his remarkable play in goal along
with his leadership abilities made the defense into one of
the best in the PSL. He won games for the team with his
brilliant play and currently is the club's assistant coach
Tim KINGSBURY ( DF ) 1992-98
Strong, quick, dominant, effortless describes this powerful
defensive player for AC. His speed allowed him to
overtake many forwards and his attacking offensive
skills often led to goals and numerous scoring chances for
his teammates. Gave 100 % each & every time he played
Thoeun HUY-CHAN ( DF ) 2003-09
The "enforcer" was as solid as any player to wear the SSF
shirt. Always gave 100% as one of the most respected
players in the PSL. His relentless pursuit of the ball wore
down his opponents, and it was tough to get past, thru
or around him. He dominated at every level. A class act.
Bobby QUINLAN ( MF ) 2010-2017
Can dictate the outcome of a game by himself. Superb touch,
excellent vision, tremendous creativity, a deadly shot. He
knows what your about to do, before you do. A natural born
leader, that gives everything for his team. His brilliance is
unmatched on the pitch, a player you would pay to watch.
Fabio MARQUES ( MF, F ) 2006-2017
The "High Flying Brazilian" who is the all time points leader
for SSF. Can score with either foot,& positions himself like
an assassin near the goal. Will score from in close, or from
long range with a lethal strike. A clever passer & can dish
off great assists to teammates. Dangerous with the ball
Blair SMITH ( F, MF ) 2005, 2010-2016
The finisher,he can score the big goals,make the big plays
& eliminate any thoughts you had of a win. He does it all,
can cover any position on the field and the player everyone
wants to emulate. Leads by example,  plays with the heart
of a champion. Free Kick specialist, a dedicated player.
             SSFAC Best XI 1984 - Present
There you have the All Time Starting XI for SSFAC. What
made these players special, is more than just the talent 
exhibited on the field. It's the  individuals they were off the
field as well. Fine young men respected for their work ethic
dedication, passion, and thoughtfulness for everyone
that they came in contact with. Exhibited class at all times
They wore the jersey proudly, and we are proud of them.
               SSFAC Best XI 1984 - Present
                             Second Team
Goalkeeper         Mike LUEBBEN           1995 - 99
Honorable Mention:
Dean Ferraris 1991-96, Danny Cardoza 2008-11
Defender       Mike LEON GUERRERO     1995 - 04
Honorable Mention:
Mike Saracen 2001-04, Ever Alvarez 2009-12
Defender               Jim BURKE               2002 - 04, 07-09
Honorable Mention:
Tim Matthews 1996-98, Peter Atanasovski 2004-06
Defender               Jay GRIFFIN                2001 - 09
Honorable Mention:
Dan Diodati 1986-90, Lalo Garcia 2002-04
Defender            Icaro VAZQUEZ              2000 - 07
Honorable Mention:
Helio Tejeda 1995-99, Marvin Frankel 2001-05
Midfielder           Kristoph LODGE             2001 - 06
Honorable Mention:
Chuck Smith 1995-97, Santiago Nocito 2002-05, 07-08
Midfielder                 Ed HILL                    2002 - 05
Honorable Mention:
Pedro Valencia 1997-2001, Mike Bouzid 2002-06
Midfielder          Gerry WHITCOMB            1996 - 06
Honorable Mention:
Dave Tanner 1993-98, Lance Cockerill 1988-90, 95-97
Midfielder           Tore SVANBERG             2000 - 06
Honorable Mention:
Brian Macaluso 1984-88, 89-92, Steve Bowker 1985-90
Forward           Simone GHIRLANDA          2006 - 08
Honorable Mention:
Alex Masis 1991-97, Dean Ferraris 1996-98
Forward               Darrell BLACK           1988 - 94, 96-98
Honorable Mention:
Raphael Del Castillo 1995-99, Chris Diehl 1998-2000








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